We Told You! Democrats In THIS State Just Admitted Min. Wage Hike Was HUGE Mistake…

We Told You! Democrats In THIS State Just Admitted Min. Wage Hike Was HUGE Mistake…

Looks like Oregon is learning the hard way that the minimum wage issue is killer for their economy and not in a good way. They now realize they are going to lose 10’s of thousands of jobs because they rammed through legislation forcing the market to hike wages when it couldn’t bear it. That means less revenue and that businesses will leave the state. To cover the gap, Oregon will then raise taxes on an already over-burdened populace. People will also pay much higher prices for items because of the hike in pay at a time when people are bringing lower amounts home and are barely getting by. Liberalism is inherently stupid and when it comes to economics, it’s moronic and insane.

Minimum Wage

From Young Conservatives:

It’s only been three months since Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a minimum wage bill into law and Democrats already seem to be regretting the measure they pushed so hard to get passed.

But before the ink was even dry, Democrats, who control the state House, Senate and governor’s office, announced they wanted to change the bill that was rammed through in a five-week legislative session despite fierce Republican opposition.

“They just wanted to pass something,” said economist Eric Fruits, a Portland Republican. “They were really worried about the 15 Now people sending something to the ballot, and I think they got so snakebit they would have passed anything that was called a minimum wage increase.”

The end result was that three different wages were set for different areas of Oregon depending on population size. In rural Oregon, for example, the minimum wage would rise to $12.50, whereas in the greater Portland area it would increase to $14.75—all by 2022.

Last week, state analysts concluded in a prepared forecast the high wage will “result in approximately 40,000 fewer jobs in 2025 than would have been the case absent the legislation.”

Orchard owner John Zielinski said his family business will take a big hit.

“When those pears and apples are sold on the market, they’re not going to give us any more money because we’re from Oregon and have a higher pay rate,” said Zielinski of E.Z. Orchards.

Rural counties threatened to file a lawsuit against the state, calling the minimum wage a maximum mess and an unfunded mandate. Oregon’s constitution allows local governments to opt out of state programs that raise costs significantly and are not funded by the legislature.

Hearing the outcry, Democratic leaders quickly admitted they may have messed up. They promised a fix-it bill next year allowing for a lower training wages for young workers and some new hires.

So, the Dems in Oregon know they really screwed up this time. But a bill to fix the mess won’t be forthcoming until next year. By then, a whole lot of economic damage will be done to the state. And knowing liberals and politicians, are we sure they will keep their word? Hiking the minimum wage is not a solution to income inequality. Lower taxation, deregulation and unfettered free capitalism is the answer. They just don’t get it and never will. A minimum wage actually hinders workers from moving up in pay scale. Work ethic, experience and training are valued in the market and left alone, these attributes will determine pay scale. A mandated minimum wage hurts businesses, workers and the state – but hey… it makes Progressives feel good. Frankly, that doesn’t pay the rent or fill your belly. Exchange and hard work does.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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