Walmart Makes HUGE Move After $15 Min. Wage Hike

Democrats rallying for a $15 per hour minimum wage hike in Los Angeles were victorious. The city has apparently instated some sort of an ordinance mandating that stores pay a new minimum wage of $15 per hour. Walmart made a huge move after learning of the new wages they were being FORCED to pay their laborers who are often unskilled. This Walmart in LA refused to pay so much for such little work and they just closed their store. Just like that! They closed the entire store instead of paying people $15 per hour. Now instead of people having a job and earning any money at all, they’re unemployed and on the streets scrambling to find a new job! What’s worse? Having a job that pays less than $15, or having no job at all? No job pays $0 per hour.

And who does this hurt the most? Well, the store is in LA, so it possibly hurts minorities more than anyone. Democrats literally just hurt their own voters. Not only that, but didn’t we learn from Seattle’s failed disaster of the $15 minimum wage nonsense? The restaurant industry was partially devastated in Seattle where almost 1,000 jobs were lost because businesses could not afford to pay higher wages to everyone working there. Don’t even get me started on the fast food workers getting $15 an hour when they can’t read or can’t get an order correct. Fast food workers shouldn’t get $15 an hour because they require minimal skills, much like the basic job at Walmart. Not to knock anyone who works there, but if your job is to make sure the shelves look nice and you can’t even do that right, then why would you deserve $15 an hour?

If you work somewhere for a few years and earn your way up to $15 an hour, then that’s fine. But some teenager who sits on his or her phone all day at Walmart doesn’t need $15 an hour. What are they doing to earn it?

Walmart just closed one of its Los Angeles stores over the city’s new $15 minimum wage ordinance. Is anybody surprised?

The residents who lobbied and pleaded for the 33,000-square-foot store in Chinatown certainly are. They weren’t expecting one of the nation’s big-box retailers would just pack up and leave over something as socially conscious as a $15 minimum wage.

I don’t know about your Walmart, but the one near me, in Philadelphia, PA, is a complete dumpster. The shelves are always a mess. The items are often damaged. The people working there can’t even tell you where anything is in the store. The bathroom looks like homeless people live there. They have like 20 registers, but only one cashier working so the line is wrapped down the aisle. There’s always someone getting arrested out front who got caught stealing. You can point out who does meth and who doesn’t. It’s literally the most sad place to shop and work. I pray that everyone who works hard there gets a job somewhere else and does not ever tell anyone that they had to work at Walmart in Philly.

The Walmart in the suburbs of Philadelphia is the complete opposite. A beautiful store with wonderful employees. Everything is nice and it’s an enjoyable pleasure to shop there. If those people earn $15 an hour, then fine. They work hard for it and you can tell by looking at the immaculate cleanliness of the store and the demeanor of the employees who are always nice and knowledgeable. They deserve $15 or more because they produce quality work and are a great return on the company investment.

If the people at the Philly Walmart want $15, well too bad. I hope they close that store too. If you want to walk into a dumpster, then go to the Walmart in Philly and you’ll think it’s a horror show.

Walmart is clearly a hit or miss. I guess the Walmart in LA was a disaster just like the one in Philly.

Frank Lea

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