Here are 3 simple ways conservatives can defeat the message of big government

Conservatives often speak of helping the disadvantaged, caring for their neighbors, and fighting for the least among them. It is a political topic that is intertwined with their very character. It touches their lives, the lives of their families, and their communities. However, that message is drowned out among the noisy fights over the economy, national security, immigration, government spending, and a host of other political battles.

The message is lost for a few major reasons. Conservatives believe that the best way to help the least among them is by removing barriers created by big government and through individual efforts to help family and community. This message isn’t always easy to sell. It is easy to say that big government will protect you, solve your most pressing concerns, and be the answer to life’s toughest questions. At the end of the day, while this message is easy to sell, it is a lie.

Conservatives tell people the truth and expect individuals to coalesce around one another during the toughest of times. Conservatives fight from within government to remove barriers that block job creation, disallow choice over education, and hinder the people’s G-d given right to equal opportunity. But conservatives have heeded the warning of Jefferson, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” Equipped with this knowledge, conservatives have placed many of the responsibilities of helping fellow man square on the shoulders of individuals, families, and communities. The conservative message, while not easy, is powerful. It speaks to strengthening the bonds of family, community, and reliance upon one’s own self. The message of personal independence isn’t just the message of conservatism, it is the birthright of the American people.

But how do we combat the message of big government? How do we make our message of “personal responsibility” more attractive than a message that promises to be everything to everyone? There are three simple ways to spread this message to the American public. You have to take action, help others, and promote those doing great work within their own communities.

Serving California is a prime example of these conservative values. It is a group of concerned citizens rising to the challenge of promoting social responsibility in their state. The non-profit’s work includes support of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), which provides a seminary-level education to prison inmates, and prepares them to be well-equipped Christian leaders. By offering spiritual rehabilitation to these incarcerated men and women. Serving California is kneecapping the threat of re-offense and recidivism upon an inmate’s release into society.

Serving California’s founder and Chairman of the Board, B. Wayne Hughes, Jr., is a committed Christian whose actions embody the core message and values of conservatism. His organization and many others nationwide, help change the culture within the hardest to reach communities, by transforming their hearts and souls.

That message resonates with the heart of the American people. They might be enticed by the message of big government, but that message goes in direct opposition of their core values. The American people fundamentally understand that lasting help will come from their family and neighbors. It will come from people like B. Wayne Hughes, Jr., long before big government rolls out of bed. They agree with Reagan’s sentiment that, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” And Americans are growing more disillusioned with big government everyday. But conservatives have to be better at promoting their alternative to big government. The message will connect, as long as conservatives show up in their communities, actively support organizations like Serving California, and demonstrate their vision for helping those most in need.

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