This Photo of Flip Flops Is Breaking the Internet – Here’s Why…

This Photo of Flip Flops Is Breaking the Internet – Here’s Why…

Oh geez… not again. I did this with The Dress challenge and no one agreed with me. They are asking what are the colors on these flip flops. Here’s your choices:

  • White and Gold
  • Black and Blue
  • Gold and Blue
  • Blue and Brown
  • Something Else

I see them as blue and brown. Now, given… I think it is a trick of the light and shading, but that is how I see it.


From BuzzFeed:

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Guys, we’re really sorry, but we think it’s happening again. Take a look at these flip-flops.




It appears to be the same optical illusion that occurred with The Dress. So, do you see the same colors in the flip-flops as you did in The Dress?



Havaianas has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the flip-flops in the picture are actually blue and dark blue.


Here is the breakdown of results of what people see:

  • White and Gold – 44%
  • Black and Blue – 21%
  • Gold and Blue – 19%
  • Blue and Brown – 12%
  • Something Else – 4%

It blows my mind that they are actually blue and dark blue. I don’t see that at all. It just goes to show how different we all are and how we see things differently. You can take the quiz here for yourself.

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