Police Kill Man’s Dog In His Home While Checking Out Burglar Alarm

Police Kill Man’s Dog In His Home While Checking Out Burglar Alarm

Police-bashing seems to currently be in vogue in the media right now, with every story of police misbehavior being blasted across the headlines. Some of them are obvious cases of abuses of power, but some aren’t quite so cut-and-dry.


A dog was shot and killed inside his owner’s home – all because of a door that wouldn’t stay shut.

Police in Round Rock, Texas, responded to a home alarm being set off on Friday, announced themselves and entering the home.

Inside, they found no burglar – the homeowner later said the alarm was probably set off by the faulty front door coming open accidentally – but they did encounter a Rottweiler named Bullet, KTBC-TV reported.

… Lane was at work when the alarm went off; he got a notification on his phone and deactivated the alarm.

But a few moments later, a neighbor called to say they’d heard gunshots from inside Lane’s home.

“I understand if he got out and you were scared for your life because he was an aggressive dog, and you kill him out in the streets to protect someone but you don’t come in this dog’s house in his place and murder him,” Lane told KTBC-TV.

According to police, Bullet acted aggressively upon seeing the cops inside the house, and a pair of officers fired seven shots at the Rottweiler, hitting him five times.

So a homeowner has an alarm system, a large dog, and a faulty door — the alarm goes off, police rightfully respond to the alarm, and the door fails to keep the dog contained. While the dog responded as any dog would, by acting aggressively towards people he did not know belonged in his home, can the police really be faulted for defending themselves? It’s a lose-lose situation: the police have no way of knowing that the homeowner wasn’t inside and in danger, or that there wasn’t a robbery taking place, so they entered the home and, when confronted with an angry dog, defended themselves. Unless more details come to light showing otherwise, this seems to be a tragic situation and nothing more — but given our rabid anti-police environment right now, it won’t likely be framed that way.

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