Race Baiting Melissa Harris-Perry officially let go from MSNBC

Race Baiting Melissa Harris-Perry officially let go from MSNBC

It’s about time that MSNBC got rid of their race-baiting tampon earring anchor clown, Melissa Harris-Perry. She threw a temper tantrum tirade because her show wasn’t as important as presidential election coverage and she tried throwing the race card out there, to which no one cared.

bye felicia melissa harris perry

Melissa Harris-Perry has been let go from MSNBC, or, as they say in the business, “they parted ways.” Rumors began circulating Sunday that the cable network would be issuing a statement later in the day officially cutting ties with the controversial host after her public temper tantrum on Saturday. That information was also confirmed by an MSNBC spokesman who said the station would be “parting ways” with the host, according to CNNMoney.

Melissa Harris-Perry is the kind of girl that you hope the door HITS them on the way out. She’s annoying and was bad on her show. I’m sure there’s a seat on The View. You know, the show that’s only played in empty doctor’s offices waiting rooms.

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