Right Wing News Has Changed Over To Word Press

If you’re wondering why the page looks so blank at the moment, it’s because of a rather momentous technical change that has been made.

The back-end of Right Wing News, up until last night, was powered by Movable Type. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work all that well with large blogs. However, because of the amount of data (RWN has been around since 2001), it was quite the chore to switch over to Word Press, which handles large websites better. That is why it hasn’t happened until today.

I’m not going to bore you with all the back story, but let me give you a short and sweet rundown of what Word Press will do:

* The site should load roughly 20% faster.

* Comments should post MUCH faster than they have previously. Feel free to try that out.

* On the back end, which you won’t see, posts should go up on the website MUCH faster than they did previously.

* The load on the server should be greatly reduced, which should mean that RWN should be able to handle a very heavy traffic load MUCH better than it has previously.

All that being said, although there has been testing done on the back-end, almost inevitably, when there’s a big design change like this, a few bugs and glitches pop-up. If you experience one of them, make sure to let me know in the comments section.

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