The STARK Differences Between Growing Up In 1960 In Comparison To 2016

The STARK Differences Between Growing Up In 1960 In Comparison To 2016

It’s typical for older generations to look at the current generation and think that they’re slackers and whiners who have it too easy. But it’s undeniable that the country has been in bad shape lately. Is it because this generation is more selfish and thin-skinned than previous ones? That’s what this popular meme is saying.


The Greatest Generation got their nickname for a reason. They fought World War II and preserved freedom for generations to come. They put a man on the moon and defeated communism. Then the Baby Boomers took over and things have gone downhill ever since. It’s reached peak insanity under the Obama administration, a Boomer president who has helped destroy so much of what this country stands for.

Free thought is not tolerated on college campuses anymore. Our military has been significantly weakened. The debt is skyrocketing. We have a president who doesn’t even try to hide his disdain for the United States. There’s definitely a deplorable lack of leadership right now and it doesn’t seem like it will get better any time soon.

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The good news is, the Boomers are about to age out of office (finally!). Will the next generation be the one to turn the ship around?

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