Does Unfriending on Facebook Qualify as Bullying?

Does Unfriending on Facebook Qualify as Bullying?

Australia has a real issue with bullying this week. Property agent Rachel Roberts claimed bullying when her co-worker, Lisa Bird, unfriended her on FaceBook.


The incident occurred after Ms Roberts, a property agent, complained to the agency principal that her properties were not being adequately displayed in the store window.

Mrs Bird, the wife of the principal, then accused Ms Roberts of being a “naughty little school girl running to the teacher.”

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Ms Roberts left the office crying and then checked to see if Mrs Bird had commented on the incident on Facebook, only to discover that Mrs Bird had instead unfriended her.

Ms Roberts said she had been bullied and was left with depression and anxiety – a claim the tribunal accepted.

My brain does not accept their level of sensitivity or stupidity. Not everyone gets along, and that’s OK. Agree to disagree, right?


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