America’s Pre-schools Aren’t Gay Enough Or Something

America’s Pre-schools Aren’t Gay Enough Or Something

This is the kind of thing people worry about when they have too much time on their hands, have a good place to live, good and plentiful food to eat, and good safety, along with people around them who not only do not tell them “you should keep some thoughts to yourself” because those thoughts are unhinged, but push them to let those thoughts out

America’s Preschools Aren’t Gay Enough, Taxpayer-Funded University Of Michigan Sociologist Warns

A sociology instructor at the taxpayer-funded University of Michigan has published an academic journal article exposing America’s preschool classrooms as hotbeds of “heteronormative play” where “traditional fairy tales” persist and “heterosexuality is always assumed, expected, ordinary, and privileged.”

The University of Michigan instructor behind the exposé of sexuality in preschool life is Heidi M. Gansen, according to Campus Reform.

Sociology of Education, a quarterly journal, published the July 14 article entitled “Reproducing (and Disrupting) Heteronormativity: Gendered Sexual Socialization in Preschool Classrooms.”

To conduct her research, Gansen observed unsuspecting little kids in nine preschool classrooms in Michigan for almost a year.

She found that “heteronormativity” is rampant in the preschool classrooms. In laymen’s terms, the word “heteronormative” means that people aren’t gay and don’t cross-dress.

That’s because they’re just young kids, who aren’t worried about the same things that a  “qualitative sociologist who studies sociology of education, social inequality, gender and sexuality, and childhood” does. Things like naps, play time, painting all over everything, jumping in puddles, and snack time are more important.

Preschools promote “practices that facilitate heteronormativity in classrooms” and the “reproduction of inequalities pertaining to gender and sexuality,” Gansen writes.

Heterosexual behavior is “produced” and “enforced” by teachers and — somehow — by little preschool kids, the taxpayer-funded sociologist explains. (snip)

Gansen helpfully suggests that America’s preschool teachers need to start disrupting all this “heteronormative” behavior. They need to start telling little preschool kids how great gay marriage is, she write, according to Campus Reform.

Without such active disruption, Gansen warns, “heteronormativity” is “already ingrained in children by ages 3 to 5.”

In other words, she’s upset that teachers aren’t pushing deviancy, and the kids aren’t being gay and crossdressers.

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