Antifa Anarchists Explain Themselves

Antifa Anarchists Explain Themselves

Bernie Sanders fanatic James Hodgkinson is hardly the only moonbat drawn to violence. Antifa anarchists openly encourage it as a political tactic. Their objectives are spelled out by their flagship website, It’s Going Down:

Anarchists are those who would set fire to a bulldozer or a new luxury home rather than let a forest be cut down, who would rather hear the sound of shattering glass than a politician’s speech. Deserting and disobeying all the rules written against us, by squatting and stealing for our survival, and rejecting the roles we’re assigned, as good worker, good student, good citizen, good woman or man. Rewriting the usual endings; by supporting prisoners rather than letting them disappear in isolation, by beating up rapists and homophobes rather than suffering their violence, by creating forms of love that only strengthen us rather than containing and limiting us. Taking control over our surroundings by painting graffiti on the walls or occupying space and planting gardens. By arming ourselves with the ability to create a new world and destroy the one that has been imposed on us.

That is, they want to use violence against normal people and their property in order to destroy civilization as we know it.

We are past policy issues where reasonable people can disagree. The farther you go out on the left, the more obvious the underlying malice and insanity become — and lately radicals have been wresting control of the wheel from the liberal establishment, as the success of Bernie Sanders attests.

The same site offers some insight into why promoting all things queer is so important to leftists. It’s about more than spreading diseases through perverted sex:

Some will read “queer” as synonymous with “gay and lesbian” or “LGBT”. This reading falls short. While those who would fit within the constructions of “L”, “G”, “B” or “T” could fall within the discursive limits of queer, queer is not a stable area to inhabit. Queer is not merely another identity that can be tacked onto a list of neat social categories, nor the quantitative sum of our identities. Rather, it is the qualitative position of opposition to presentations of stability – an identity that problematizes the manageable limits of identity. Queer is a territory of tension, defined against the dominant narrative of white-hetero-monogamous patriarchy, but also by an affinity with all who are marginalized, otherized and oppressed. Queer is the abnormal, the strange, the dangerous. Queer involves our sexuality and our gender, but so much more. It is our desire and fantasies and more still. Queer is the cohesion of everything in conflict with the heterosexual capitalist world. Queer is a total rejection of the regime of the Normal.

If you are functioning as a normal, decent, productive human being — even if you are liberal in your views — these militant freaks at the vanguard of progressivism hate you for it. Violence is their preferred method of expressing that hatred.

Portraying normal people as Nazis to justify violence.

On tips from Torcer and Stormfax. Hat tips: Conservative Review, Heat Street. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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