Brooklyn Hipsters Refuse to Vaccinate Their Dogs, Fear of Autism Blamed

Brooklyn Hipsters Refuse to Vaccinate Their Dogs, Fear of Autism Blamed

I used to find it alarming that perpetually adolescent hipsters buy dogs instead of having babies, but in light of this story, maybe it’s for the best:

Some Brooklynites are refusing to vaccinate their pets against virulent and potentially deadly illnesses — some of which could spread to humans — thanks to a growing movement against the life-saving inoculations, according to borough veterinarians. …

The increased skepticism towards inoculating pets is likely the result of a national movement that claims vaccines can cause autism in children, according to [Dr. Amy Ford of the Veterinarian Wellness Center of Boerum Hill], who said she has seen an increase in clients unwilling to have their dogs vaccinated in recent years — despite experts’ findings that show no link between the inoculations and the developmental disorder.

Seriously. They refuse to vaccinate their pets against disease because they think their dogs will become autistic.

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Hip youngsters who promote a more holistic lifestyle for their pets tend to be the most vocal anti-vaxxers…

Maybe autistic dogs are more common than we think. Maybe autism explains why dogs don’t talk.

Or maybe it’s the trendoids in Brooklyn who should be given shots — of Thorazine.

Diseases against which these kooks refuse to inoculate their dogs include rabies. Now you have another reason to stay out of moonbattery-addled Brooklyn, in case you needed it.

Looks like this dog didn’t get vaccinated.

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