Crazy Person Yells At Disney’s Robot Trump

Crazy Person Yells At Disney’s Robot Trump

Remember the one where Democrat sore losers screamed at the sky on the anniversary of Trump defeating Hillary fair and square? Then there’s this

(Daily Caller) Meet the saddest person in America – Jay Malsky.

Malsky is a New York-based actor who has played “drag comedy characters,” including Hillary Clinton.

Malsky does not like Donald Trump and made that clear on a recent trip to DisneyWorld, where the actor “protested” the animatronic Trump featured in the Hall of Presidents. Malsky tweeted that he was planning on either throwing something at the robo-Trump or murdering it.

And he went on to do this

Congratulations. You yelled at a robot. And a really, really bad one, which people think Disney had one made for Hillary, then had to change it to look like Trump.

Ben Shapiro wrote “Not all heroes wear capes”. Many people noted how Malsky basically ruined it for the kids, and certainly scared many kids with his crazy. Obviously, many other #resist nutters were super supportive of scaring kids while yelling at a robot. Yet, these same people are happy to say they’re the smartest people in the world and super mature. Uh huh.

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