Good Grief: Woman Will Drive To Mexico To Get Birth Control If GOP Health Bill Passes

Good Grief: Woman Will Drive To Mexico To Get Birth Control If GOP Health Bill Passes

Possibly the dumbest, and most partisan (other than the normal wackadoodle Russia garbage), thing you’ll read all day, but, then, it’s still early, and CNN has plenty of time (via Twitchy)

‘Trumpcare’ would send her to Mexico for birth control

All Ariana and Kevin Gonzalez want is birth control.

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As far as health care needs go, that’s pretty simple.

But the California couple says that if the Republican alternative to Obamacare becomes law, they’ll be driving over the border to Mexico to get it

It’s not that the Gonzalezes don’t have insurance; they have very good insurance through Ariana’s job as a high school teacher.

The problem is that “Trumpcare,” as Ariana calls it, would probably run her health clinic out of town. It’s Planned Parenthood, which the Republican health care proposal defunds because it performs abortions.

The claim here is that this is a tiny, very spread out community in southeastern California, El Centro, so it can take a month to get a regular appointment with a doctor and take all day waiting, but, she can get an appointment with the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood the next day and only wait 30 minutes for her appointment (as long as she isn’t interested in a mammogram, or other regular doctor services).

Ariana has a message for senators as they contemplate whether to pass the law, also known as the American Health Care Act.

“If (Planned Parenthood’s) doors are shut, you’ll be driving your own constituents to an entirely different country in search of health care, and that’s not America,” she said. “I don’t think that’s who we are as a country.”

Really? Planned Parenthood makes more than enough money to survive on its own. Heck, they had $30 million to toss around for the 2016 election cycle (didn’t do them much good). They make more than enough money to stay open. Perhaps all their big moneyed Democrat supporters, like Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etc, along with all the celebrities, can donate.

Democrats aren’t the smartest fish in the tank, are they? There are actually 7 drug stores in her town of El Centro, California. And a Walmart. And a Walmart further down the road on the short ride to Mexicali, Mexico.

Money quote

She thinks about a photo that made the rounds on social media in March. It showed Vice President Mike Pence and a group of congressmen discussing the passage of the GOP plan, called the American Health Care Act.

“I see a bunch of men sitting around a table, discussing what I should be allowed to do with my body,” she said. “My husband and I can decide what’s best for us.”

Except, Obamacare dictates what she can do with her body, just like it does for everyone else. It decides what’s best for her, her husband, and everyone else. She and her husband want to decide what everyone else is forced to pay for.

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