Gwyneth Paltrow’s Coffee Enema

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Coffee Enema

Gwyneth Paltrow is not merely a ditsy actress who denounces America, thinks water can understand English, and named her daughter Apple. She has branched out into fraud with her website Goop, which sells wacky, overpriced products to her fellow screwballs. Unhealthily, these products include a coffee enema:

Goop suggests that a coffee enema is a “clutch” way to “supercharge” your “annual goop detox” and start the year in tip-top health. In its latest guide for “deep detoxification,” the Goop team recommends a device called an “Implant O’Rama” for squirting coffee up your keister at home. The product, sold by Implant O’Rama LLC for a bargain $135, is merely a glass bottle with silicone tubing attached.

There is no evidence that squirting coffee up your behind is good for your health.

But there are plenty of reports of harms, including two cases where frequent coffee enemas led to electrolyte imbalances that killed two patients. Another case involved severe colon inflammation. Elsewhere, reports have linked coffee enemas to burns, infections, sepsis, and rectal perforation.

But Americans trust Hollywood starlets to shape their political views; why not trust them for medical treatments, where they exhibit comparable expertise?

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