Paul Krugman: America Has Now Become A “Stan” Or Something

Paul Krugman: America Has Now Become A “Stan” Or Something


Remember when we were supposed to give Barack Obama a chance in 2008? Not in Paul Krugman’s world, where doom is occurring and Trump is at fault

America Becomes A Stan

In 2015 the city of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, was graced with a new public monument: a giant gold-plated sculpture portraying the country’s president on horseback. This may strike you as a bit excessive. But cults of personality are actually the norm in the “stans,” the Central Asian countries that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union, all of which are ruled by strongmen who surround themselves with tiny cliques of wealthy crony capitalists.

Americans used to find the antics of these regimes, with their tinpot dictators, funny. But who’s laughing now?

We are, after all, about to hand over power to a man who has spent his whole adult life trying to build a cult of personality around himself; remember, his “charitable” foundation spent a lot of money buying a six-foot portrait of its founder. Meanwhile, one look at his Twitter account is enough to show that victory has done nothing to slake his thirst for ego gratification. So we can expect lots of self-aggrandizement once he’s in office. I don’t think it will go as far as gold-plated statues, but really, who knows?

(blah blah blah)

In short, America is rapidly turning into a stan.

Here’s the kicker

But let’s get real. Everything we know suggests that we’re entering an era of epic corruption and contempt for the rule of law, with no restraint whatsoever.


We’ve literally (not the Joe Biden type) just been through 8 years of what Krugman is complaining about. The massive waste of taxpayer money so that Obama can vacation and campaign. Using the IRS as a tool to abuse conservative groups. Attempting to hide everything from Freedom Of Information Requests. And Congress. Lying to Congress and the People. Using secretive email to communicate. Hillary’s server. People like Huma Abadin double dipping in their work for government and private entities, and doing it for pay for play. The constant photos of Obama inserting himself into everything that happens. Refusing to engage Congress and instead passing rule after rule, regulation after regulation, many of which exceeded statutory limitations and had federal judges telling the Obama administration to cease and desist.

Krugman even goes on to whine about the George W. Bush administration. But nothing for Obama and his time.

The only question now is whether the rot has gone so deep that nothing can stop America’s transformation into Trumpistan. One thing is for sure: It’s destructive as well as foolish to ignore the uncomfortable risk, and simply assume that it will all be O.K. It won’t.

How will it go with Trump? Time will tell. Yes, I’m concerned. I’ve been concerned since he started rising in the polls. But, I’m willing to give him a chance. Lefties like Paul Krugman are not only unwilling to give him a change, they’re at level 10 Moonbat.

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