Peaceful Leftists At UNC Promote Violence Against Trump Supporters

Peaceful Leftists At UNC Promote Violence Against Trump Supporters

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It’s an interesting dichotomy. Leftists always tell us how peaceful they are, how they abhor violence, that the solution is never violence. Then, you turn around, and they are committing violence, such as assault, arson, property destruction. Remember all the rapes and other crimes from Occupy Wall Street? All the riots since Trump was elected? And then there are the threats. Leftists say they are tolerant. In practice? Not so much


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is responding to a threatening flyer circulating around campus.

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In a letter to students, faculty, and staff Thursday, Chancellor Carol Folt – along with other UNC officials – said the flyer expresses acts of violence to supporters of President Trump.

They said the university is taking the flyer very seriously.

“The flyer and its message are the antithesis of the values that are the foundation of our University,” the letter read. “It is not designed to spark civil discourse or encourage thoughtful debate. Its intentions are to incite violence, and there is no place for that here or in our society.”

Well, really, that’s today’s Democrats in a nutshell. Those last two sentences perfectly describe Liberals. They do not want to debate, and they love violence against anything and anyone who are Not Approved.

While it is great that the University leadership put out a message, it is rather short. From what we have seen in the past, the messages tend to be very long when they are supportive of leftist causes.

Leftists should remember that right leaning citizens are more likely to be armed than leftists.

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