Portable Safe Space

Portable Safe Space

Now moonbats who find reality triggering can withdraw into a cocoon and feel safe anywhere — thanks to the Pause Pod:


Inside your Pause Pod, Shrillary is the president, if you like. There is no one to tell you different.

Collapse the Pause Pod and bring it along wherever you might encounter stress. Infantry troops are encouraged to strap them on for combat missions. Pause Pods will find a place next to the rosin bag behind major league mounds, to help pitchers cope with the stress of bases loaded jams. No operating room will be complete without a Pause Pod for escaping the anxiety of pesky arteries that won’t stop gushing blood.

On a more serious note, too bad we can’t get moonbats to use these for Pause Pods:


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Then it would be easy to lock them inside and stack the pods on container ships, so that we could send them off to China to serve as slave labor to help us pay down our debt. This would be of enormous benefit to moonbats, allowing them to feel useful for once.

On tips from J, Jester, and Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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