Reebok Goes Political, Goes After Trump For His Compliments To Macron’s Wife

Reebok Goes Political, Goes After Trump For His Compliments To Macron’s Wife

Here’s a good idea: a shoe and apparel company going political, taking a silly shot at President Trump

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(Mediaite) This was an obvious jab at President Trump for his remarks to Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, when he said that she was in “such good shape” and called her “beautiful.”

They captured a few pushback tweets, which look like this

There’s plenty more at the Mediaite link, along with the tweet. Many have called for a boycott. There won’t be an sort of official one, you’ll just have millions and millions of Trump voters deciding to purchase something other than Reebock. Personally, I do not buy Reebock anyhow. Overpriced and do not last as long. Asics and Saucony tend to be lower price, more comfortable, and last longer. Underarmour makes better workout clothes, and I like their golf gloves.

Seriously, why do certain people get so bent out of shape over such minor things like a complement?

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