VIDEO: When He Sang This Song About His Best Friend, He Left All the X-Facor Judges in Tears

VIDEO: When He Sang This Song About His Best Friend, He Left All the X-Facor Judges in Tears

Very few songs can touch us on an emotional level. With most songs today being about partying, sex, drugs or alcohol, it’s refreshing to finally hear a song about something real. I dare you to watch the below video without being moved to tears.


From QPolitical:

It’s one of the most emotional auditions I’ve ever seen. When this young man stepped on stage, Simon Cowell was entirely unaware that he would soon need an entire box of kleenex. This story is simply beautiful.

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Meet 21-year-old Josh Daniel. Daniel is a mechanic and lives with his mother — who is undoubtedly his biggest fan. But the rest of Daniel’s story moved the entire audience — and all of the judges (including Simon) to tears.

Before singing a rendition of Labrinth’s hit song, “Jealous”, Daniel shared how he tragically lost his best friend two years ago — personally giving the song a different meaning. He explains that he misses his buddy in heaven so much — it just hurts that he can’t be with his dear friend.

Watch as Josh sings this powerful song and moves the entire house to tears. It’s simply beautiful.

Watch the video below:

As someone who as lost someone very close to them, this song was extremely emotional. I’d never thought of the lyrics in that way until now, and it made me realize how beautiful the song is. And yes, I cried.

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