More BAD NEWS for Failing Nancy Pelosi [VIDEO]

More BAD NEWS for Failing Nancy Pelosi [VIDEO]

Things haven’t been easy for Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader of the House Democrats. At 77 and with over 30 years of being a professional politician, new polls coming out suggest that she might want to wander back to her district in San Francisco and let someone else take the reins.

During the election, there was an uproar over the infamous video of Hillary Clinton collapsing and being shoved into a waiting SUV and now the same focus is being turned on Pelosi.

In this short video uploaded this week of Nancy Pelosi at an appearance in New York City, you can see what the uploader, The American Mirror, is describing as “brain freezes” where she appears to derail mid-sentence over and over again.

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Pelosi’s retirement wouldn’t just be good for her, but it would be welcomed by a lot of people.

Now, it was just announced that a new poll of Democrats says that only 41% of them want Pelosi to stay in her position. As reported by the Washington Examiner:

The June 22-24 survey found 41 percent of Democrats want the California Democrat to stay, while 27 percent would give her the boot.

The anti-Pelosi mood among Democrats was rekindled by last week’s special election loss in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Three-in-10 Democrats blamed the national party for Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s loss to Republican Karen Handel, while only 17 percent said the problem was the candidate.

Ossoff’s loss was the fifth special election loss for Democrats since Trump took office.

Thirty-six percent of Democratic voters said things have gone mostly well under Pelosi’s leadership, while 19 percent disagreed.

Only 16 percent of Democrats have a “very favorable” view of Pelosi, while 12 percent said they have a “very unfavorable” view.

Further, the poll went on to remind us that while the GOP may agree that Pelosi must go, the Democrats would prefer a “socialist” to a “capitalist” to replace Pelosi on the Democrat ticket.

We had a glimmer of hope that they wanted her gone, but it looks like her fate is to be replaced by a commie. That’s San Francisco for you.

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