HAH! Nancy Pelosi Gets Humiliated on Live TV By Texas Cowboy [VIDEO]

HAH! Nancy Pelosi Gets Humiliated on Live TV By Texas Cowboy [VIDEO]

Leave it to Texas… a Texan cowboy royally nailed moonbat-extraordinaire Nancy Pelosi on illegal immigration and she never even saw it coming. She didn’t really acknowledge it after it happened either, except on her face. That told the whole story right there. Botox was the only thing that kept her face together. It really ticked me off that Pelosi had the nerve to tell this man a wall would not be the answer after he detailed for her the number of bodies on his land he finds every year. He described the rape trees near his back door and how the cartels are at his front door. And she has the gall to say that Mexico won’t pay for the wall? Of course they will… one way or another over time.

This rancher wanted to know if Pelosi would stop sanctuary cities, build a wall and increase the number of ICE agents. Her answer is obviously ‘no’ without actually saying the word. Dr. Vickers has seen firsthand what open borders truly mean and it is horrific… skulls with brain matter still in them… dead children… and other horrors that just should never be in America. The Democrats will never change. Illegal aliens and Islamic refugees are what they consider their new voting block. Pelosi is an evil, wealthy, powerful hag and doesn’t give a crap about anyone but herself. She’s despicable.


From ZootFeed:

This Texas cowboy owns a 1,000 acre ranch on the Mexican border. He decided to give Nancy Pelosi a piece of his mind on border security!

During a townhall meeting, Dr. Mike Vickers, a veterinarian, told Pelosi he found his dogs playing with a human skull, belonging to a woman, whose other remains he found a few yards away. After describing other horrors, he asks Pelosi, “will you and your Democrat party support President Trump in building a wall or a fence, shutting down sanctuary cities, and giving more power to the border patrol?” Her answer proves she has learned nothing!

The look of defeat on Pelosi’s face after Dr. Vickers asked his question was telling.

Brooks County, Texas is just one of the places where American citizens are accustomed to finding bodies strewn near the border, but the Democrat party has long closed its ears and eyes to such problems.

This is one of the primary reasons that President Trump won the election and the Dems just plain don’t get it because they don’t want to face the ugly truth. Pelosi held a totally tone deaf town hall meeting (on CNN of course) that did nothing but put forth what has gotten us into this nightmare in the first place… Marxism. She will never change on the border issue and that is why Trump must succeed in building the wall, no matter the cost. It is estimated it will cost America between $15 and $20 billion. Much of that was already allotted for the wall. But it doesn’t matter… it is a necessary expense for national security, just as hardening the power grid should be.

We really need to return to the basics. Test all politicians on their knowledge of the Constitution. If they fail, they are not qualified for office. Do a thorough background check. ANY connections to Marxists, radicals or subversives… you aren’t qualified for office. A mandatory interview in front of a designated committee… if you flop, you are out. If we do that, then a lot of this will stop. Voting someone into office should not be the only criteria for being there and Nancy Pelosi is an excellent example of why that is.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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