Pelosi Refuses To Trade Building A Wall For This… You Won’t Believe It [VIDEO]

Pelosi Refuses To Trade Building A Wall For This… You Won’t Believe It [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi really has lost her marbles. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to turn down what is effectively amnesty in exchange for building a border wall?

Of course this was a hypothetical situation, but it tells us one thing: Pelosi and her progressive friends view the end goal of America as having no borders of any kind.

Democrats have made it clear that they have no intention of working with the President or Republicans to come to some sort of compromise on border wall funding. In a hypothetical scenario, Pelosi was asked if Democrats would consider approving border wall funding if it came with a pathway to citizenship for illegals already in the country.

Pelosi’s answer? “No.”

Watch the video below:

Has she thought of anyone but herself and what her donors want to hear? Does she read the news and see the faces of Americans who have been killed by illegals? Does she not care?

If that’s what her constituents wanted, it would be one thing. They are who she represents, after all. But she’s just doing this out of spite at this point. Most of the Democrats are. They’re still pouting, 101 days after Trump’s inauguration, because Hillary Clinton lost to a guy they don’t like.

Now of course this is simply a hypothetical situation. It’s always easy to state what you’d do in any given situation without actually having to face the pressures that come with it. Right Wing News owner John Hawkins tells us in his new book, 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know, that if you want to know what a person believes, watch their actions. It’s easy for Pelosi to say now that she wouldn’t accept the deal, but what would she do if actually presented with the opportunity to give citizenship to millions of illegals in the United States?

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