Watch Nancy Pelosi Get DESTROYED on ‘The View’

Watch Nancy Pelosi Get DESTROYED on ‘The View’

Liberals make up most of the panel for ABC’s talk show “The View,” so Democrats likely expect to be given the kid-glove treatment when they make an appearance. But Monday, when Nancy Pelosi was on the show, she was in for a bit of a rude awakening after her own words got used against her.

Former FBI Director James Comey is due to testify in front of the Senate in just days and that was the topic of conversation for “The View” panel. Democrats had been steadfastly calling for him to be fired after reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server shortly before the presidential election, but have now seemingly forgotten all about that. They’re now furious that Donald Trump fired Comey and Pelosi herself denied that she ever wanted him to be fired during her appearance on “The View.”

“Congresswoman, you yourself said that you thought that Comey’s behavior was inappropriate, his actions were inappropriate, and that he should be fired,” Sunny Hostin pointed out. Pelosi was quick to dispute that, arguing, “No, I never said he should be fired.” But Hostin wasn’t about to let the matter drop.

“What I said was when he — what he did as far as Hillary Clinton was concerned — was he couldn’t take the heat for it,” Pelosi continued. Hostin then quoted Pelosi’s own words right back to her, pointing out that Pelosi had said that Comey may not be “in the right job.” “He wasn’t in a job that he couldn’t take the heat for it,” Pelosi said, trying to save face — seemingly not realizing that she just proved Hostin’s point.

“But it was very curious, and I thought that his revealing that investigation but then later coming back — he had an impact on the election. There’s no question about that,” Pelosi said. “But that’s a separate issue from whether the president of the United States asked him to stop an investigation of the Russian connection, of himself.”

You can see the entire cringeworthy exchange here, starting at the five-minute mark:

So, Pelosi didn’t think Comey was in the right job until Trump came along and then suddenly, it became a scandal. Makes sense. Good on “The View” for calling her out.

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