BREAKING: North Korea Claims ASSASSINATION Attempt

BREAKING: North Korea Claims ASSASSINATION Attempt

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is not exactly known for his stability, largely because of his frequently insane claims and threats with no bearing in reality. He’s now claiming that an assassination attempt was made against him by the United States and South Korea, despite there being absolutely no evidence to back up his claim.

The Korean Central News Agency, North Korea’s official state-run propaganda arm, said that the United States and South Korea joined together in a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un using a “bio-chemical substance.” The two countries are accused of joining together with a “hideous terrorist group” to “commit bomb terrorism targeting the supreme leadership” during public events.

It was also claimed that a North Korean citizen joined in on the conspiracy, with the CIA and South Korean government officials giving the citizen weapons and money to carry out “state-sponsored terrorism.” The supposed plot allegedly began forming in 2014, with the ultimate assassination attempt taking place during a military parade. No actual date of the alleged attempt was given.

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Ironically, North Korea has been known to assassinate people with biochemical weapons. The most notorious example is Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother, Kim Jong-Nam, who was poisoned with a VX nerve agent and died. North Korean officials deny that the state was involved with his murder, but South Korea and other foreign officials point the finger squarely at Kim Jong-Un himself.

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Kim Jong-Un is a paranoid, power-mad dictator and that’s not ever going to change. His latest ridiculous claim just shows that he will say or do anything and under no circumstances can he ever be trusted. Hopefully, Donald Trump understands this.

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