North Korea is feeling more emboldened with every passing day. They just tested another ballistic missile and this one reentered successfully… which is yet another step on the road to nuclearizing their missiles to hit the US. Kim Jong-Un is now threatening to rapidly mass produce missiles that can hit the US. I think people way underestimate the North Koreans. And they mistakenly think that the Chinese and the Russians will intervene. Uh no… they won’t.

Kim Jong-un watched Pukguksong-2 reach a height of 350 miles on Sunday and he has approved the weapon for deployment. From his perch, the leader of the Hermit Kingdom smiled ear to ear as the successful test went off and then plummeted into the Pacific Ocean. He was in such a good mood, he took propaganda pictures with his military buds. However, what some saw as gang hand signals are nothing more than military gestures by Kim Jong-Un. They don’t do gangs… they do military units that will fight to the death for a man they view as a God.

From the Daily Mail:

Kim Jong-un has warned he is ready to mass-produce missiles capable of reaching US military bases after North Korea’s latest test launch.

The dictator watched on as his Pukguksong-2 missile flew 310 miles and reached a height of 350 miles before plunging into the Pacific Ocean on Sunday.

Kim smiled broadly as the rocket was fired near the county of Pukchang in South Phyongan province and posed for pictures with military officials, even appearing to throw some bizarre gang signs with his hands.

He later hailed the trial as a success, ‘approved the deployment of this weapon system for action’ and said that it should ‘be rapidly mass-produced.’

US President Donald Trump, travelling in Saudi Arabia, had no immediate public comment.

The North Korean leader ordered the launch and watched from an observation post, state media reported Monday.

The Korea Central News Agency said the test verified technical aspects of the weapon system and examined its ‘adaptability under various battle conditions’ before it is deployed to military units.

This all happened while President Trump was in Saudi Arabia making history by forming a Middle Eastern alliance against Iran and by proxy… North Korea, Russia and China. It makes total sense that Kim would do this while Trump was with the leaders of the Middle East. The little troll was sending a message that war is coming and indeed, all the tea leaves indicate it is upon us.

“Viewing the images of the Earth being sent real-time from the camera mounted on the ballistic missile, Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un said it feels grand to look at the Earth from the rocket we launched and the entire world looks so beautiful,” KCNA said. And ripe for an EMP attack over the US, no doubt. North Korea has significantly accelerated its missile tests over the past year or so and appears to be making tangible progress toward developing an arsenal that poses a threat not only to South Korea and Japan – which together host about 80,000 US troops – but also towards an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the mainland United States. They are also proceeding with their nuclear weapons program.

The US is talking more sanctions. Seriously? The regime has been under crushing sanctions for six decades… that will make no difference. They just crossed Tillerson’s red line not once, but twice. It’s time to dance… you can’t just threaten anymore. In an interview with ‘Fox News Sunday’ US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the ongoing testing is ‘disappointing’ and ‘disturbing’. That is the understatement of this century.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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