Kim Jong-Un and Liberals Both Claim They Can Control the Weather

Kim Jong-Un and Liberals Both Claim They Can Control the Weather

Kim Jong-Un really is a nutcase; he thinks he can control the weather:

North Korean state media’s latest claim says that its leader, Kim Jong Un, can control the weather. …

Standing atop an Mount Paektu — an active volcano on the North Korea/China border — the KCNA referred to Kim Jong Un, their “peerlessly illustrious commander,” who “controls the nature.”

According to USA Today, North Korea’s official state newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported that when the North Korean leader “ascended” to the top of the mountain, a blizzard stopped and “fine weather unprecedented” commenced.

Controlling the weather fits with other supposed accomplishments of North Korea’s communist rulers, including causing double rainbows to appear, inventing the hamburger, hitting 11 holes in one, and not needing to use the restroom.

Meanwhile, in the West,

“Sin taxes” on meat to reduce its huge impact on climate change and human health look inevitable, according to analysts for investors managing more than $4tn of assets.

The global livestock industry causes 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and meat consumption is rising around the world, but dangerous climate change cannot be avoided unless this is radically curbed.

Maybe if we let liberals set the meat tax at 20%, they will make a double rainbow appear.

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