Korea WARNS the U.S. – ‘Today is a BIG And Important Day’

Korea WARNS the U.S. – ‘Today is a BIG And Important Day’

North Korea has been increasingly aggressive, conducting more and more nuclear and missile tests. But in a chilling warning, foreign journalists have been summoned to a secret location. And right now, no one knows why.

200 journalists were in Pyongyang to cover the country’s largest national holiday, the “Day of the Sun.” This holiday celebrates the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, founder of North Korea and grandfather of current dictator Kim Jong Un. But in a worrying change of events, the journalists have been told to leave Pyongyang in preparation for a “big and important event.”

While the exact location of the event is not known, it’s believed that the journalists are being taken approximately 7.5 hours away from Pyongyang.

Speculation abounds as to what the mysterious event will be, although many believe it will be some sort of show of military might. While previous declarations from North Korea have ended up fizzling out, increasing aggressions from the country have people taking notice.

Tuesday, North Korea threatened the United States with a nuclear strike at any sign of aggression. Currently, a United States Navy strike group is making its way towards the Korean peninsula. The threat, combined with Donald Trump’s recent airstrikes in Syria and the deployment of the strike group, has some wondering if the big event will be some kind of nuclear test:

Only time will tell what North Korea has planned, but if it is a successful nuclear test, then it will have massive implications on an international scale. Chinese state media, for example, has warned North Korea not to carry out more nuclear tests and has deployed Chinese troops to the Korean border.

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