N. Korea says Trump’s “Rocket Man” Insult Means Missile Attacks On US Mainland ‘Inevitable’

N. Korea says Trump’s “Rocket Man” Insult Means Missile Attacks On US Mainland ‘Inevitable’

Apparently, the only person more thin-skinned than the Hollywood elites and snowflake liberals is North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

President Trump calling him “Rocket Man” on the floor of the UN was the last straw for the diminutive dictator, who is threatening mainland United States with a missile attack. Assuming, of course, he can keep it from breaking up over the water and also assuming that we don’t shoot it down before it can get to us.

Little men have big dreams.

Kim Jong Un

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-Ho told the UN that a “merciless preemptive strike” on the United States is inevitable and said that President Trump is “on a suicide mission,” and committed an irreversible mistake in mocking Kim Jong-Un. Well, if that warrants the death penalty, then you might as well take me away right now.

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Trump responded with a tweet that sounds vaguely like the United States will be striking first in that particular battle. And we’re playing to win.

Trump made it clear to both the UN and North Korea that if we are forced to defend ourselves or our allies, we will “totally destroy” NK, which prompted an angry response from Kim Jong-Un himself. The pudgy little creep threatened to “tame the mentally-deranged dotard with fire,” which sounds like nothing short of a declaration of war to me.

Of course, Trump responded on Twitter.

On Friday night, Trump spoke at an Alabama rally where he once more stated that “we can’t have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place” before calling North Korea a menace.

I wish this was something that could be resolved without violence, but I’m afraid that violence is all that dictators like Kim Jong-Un understand. We tried to solve the problem diplomatically for years and that has failed. With these threats coming more rapidly and with North Korea shooting off missiles that are nearly capable of successfully reaching Japan, we can no longer treat the country with kid gloves.

Trump is dedicated to protecting the United States and the people within it (yes, even the whining liberals who take to the streets to protest his presidency) and if it comes down to an “us” versus “them” scenario, we will do everything we can to ensure that little American blood is shed. North Korea is making a huge mistake in thinking that it can take on a beast of our magnitude. If I were Kim, I would make sure I had a will made up.

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