North Korean Defectors Reveal CHILLING Secret Kim Jong-Un Is Hiding

North Korean Defectors Reveal CHILLING Secret Kim Jong-Un Is Hiding

Twenty-one North Korean defectors have revealed the horrifying things that are taking place in and around Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear testing site and it’s something that you or I have only seen in movies.

They lived in the village of Kilju, where the tests are taking place and of course, you can’t just wave nuclear materials around and not expect there to be some sort of environmental repercussions.

Kim Jong Un

They admitted that because of the radiation, 80% of the vegetation in the area dies off immediately (and for a country with low agricultural output, that’s not a good thing) and that babies are being born with severe birth defects.

“I heard from a relative in Kilju that deformed babies were born in hospitals there,” said one.

“I spoke on the phone with family members I left behind there and they told me that all of the underground wells dried up after the sixth nuclear test,” noted another, which could be yet another reason for the dying vegetation.

“During the first nuclear test [October 2006] and second one [May 2009], only family members of soldiers were evacuated to underground shafts. Ordinary people were completely unaware of the tests,” remembered one defector.

Others saw more horrifying sights, personally.

“I personally saw corpses floating down the river with their limbs severed,” stated another defector.

Fish and game have all but disappeared from the area, and vegetation is scarce. They said that all forms of life are struggling to survive in the nuclear wastelands of North Korea.

While none of these accounts are being verified by NK officials, it was clear that they didn’t want the word about their little experiments getting out to the world. Or even outside the small village.

“People who boarded trains to the border with samples of soil, water and leaves from Kilju County were arrested and sent to prison camps,” said one person, while another added that “Kilju locals who made appointments in a large hospital in Pyongyang were not allowed to enter the capital after the sixth nuclear test.”

This is a blatant human rights violation, but it’s laughable to believe that someone as evil as Kim Jong-Un would care about what happens to the people of his country. They serve as nothing more than a mere convenience to him and if they become an issue, he can just have them killed, and nobody will (or can) say a word.

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