Surprise: Trump Resistance Groups Are Taking North Korea’s Side

Surprise: Trump Resistance Groups Are Taking North Korea’s Side

As you’re certainly aware, North Korea has become rather bellicose as of late, because that’s what they do. They just reportedly set off a hydrogen bomb, and they are reported to be readying another missile launch. Just the other day we saw this

(Breitbart) This week in an interview with the Los Angeles Times editorial board, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA), who filed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, said “Trump derangement syndrome” was so strong with his Californian constituents, he would be forced to oppose Mother’s Day if Trump endorsed it.

Sherman said, “Then we have a Trump derangement syndrome where — thank God he didn’t put out a message on Mother’s Day because there would have been pressure on me to come out against Mother’s Day.”

He added, “If Trump takes a position, then you must take an equally extreme and opposite position. He’s for Mother’s Day — you must be against Mother’s Day. He’s for a wall — you have to be for unlimited immigration from all places.”

Then we have this

(Daily Caller) Two of the nation’s most active anti-Trump “resistance” organizations are taking decidedly pro-North Korea stances in the United States’ developing nuclear standoff with the communist country, whose leader, Kim Jong Un, has repeatedly threatened to launch a nuclear strike against America.

One group is Refuse Fascism, a well-funded “resistance” group created for the express purpose of opposing President Trump’s administration. Internal presentations from a Refuse Fascism conference last month said the group intends to make America’s leaders lose “international legitimacy” as a way of ultimately bringing down the Trump presidency, as TheDC first reported.

The other group is Workers World Party, a Marxist organization that has played a leading role in anti-Trump demonstrations across the country.

Both groups have consistently echoed North Korean talking points that demonize America while excusing Un’s genocidal regime, and both groups have instructed their followers to distrust American media reporting that reflects negatively on North Korean leaders’ oppression of their own people.

There’s quite a bit more at the article, much more detail. Suffice to say, yes, they are just two Leftist organizations. But, you can bet there are quite a few #resist-ers who feel the same. Searching “north korea #resist” at Twitter we see things like

That’s mild in the attacks on Trump. We’re living in a Trump Derangement Syndrome world. Much like Democrats wanted to take the side of anyone no matter how bad they were during the Bush years (Iran, Al Qaeda, Islamist groups, North Korea, and so forth), they’re doing the same now for Trump.

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