WAR DRUMS: North Korea Fires Another Missile, Successful Re-Entry Process Achieved

WAR DRUMS: North Korea Fires Another Missile, Successful Re-Entry Process Achieved

North Korea is still at it, launching missiles in an attempt to frighten the United States of America and show that they’re armed well enough to deserve a spot at the big boy’s table.

U.S. Pacific Command has been following the increasing action in North Korea and has issued a statement on the most recent missile launch.

Steve Herman posted the statement on Twitter:

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The missile is believed to have traveled 310 miles before finally landing in the Sea of Japan.

North Korea has said that they will continue to fire missiles and “weapons capable of striking” the United States.

The question now becomes whether America will strike first, or wait until the pudgy loser in charge actually hits us first. Alternately, we may not have to do a thing if Russia and China, both of whom have troops on the border of North Korea, intervene to prevent a nuclear strike. Both countries would likely see an influx of refugees from North Korea, as well as some of the residual effects of the nuclear weapon.

Keep in mind that this comes a week after firing a missile that actually achieved a successful re-entry.

Below is a graphic that explains exactly what would have to happen in order for North Korea to be able to hit the United States. Bear in mind that they are nowhere close to being able to do this yet, but that’s not going to stop them from trying.

While there is no reason to panic at the present moment, we have to face the reality that some time in the not-so-distant future, we’re going to have to make a very serious decision regarding how to deal with someone who desperately wants to be a bully and will harm innocent people in pursuit of his ultimate goal.

I will assure you that it won’t be pretty.

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