Are You Ready For Obamacare March Madness?

Yet another event Team Obama plans to ruin

(CNN) As hoop heads across the country prepare for the Big Dance, President Barack Obama’s administration is banking on a new March Madness-focused campaign to help boost Obamacare enrollment.

To coincide with the start of NCAA basketball tournament, a White House official says the administration is launching an all-encompassing push around the annual basketball bonanza that will feature athletes, coaches, and others, in hopes of spurring more Americans to sign up for health care before the March 31 deadline.

Nothing like highly paid athletic figures who aren’t obtaining Obamacare health insurance themselves telling others to do it.

According to the official, the effort starts in earnest Monday morning when Univision Radio’s Locura Deportiva airs an interview with President Obama.

The White House is also set to release a “16 Sweetest Reasons to Get Covered Bracket,” detailing the administration’s top reasons to get insured. The administration believes it can parlay the popularity of the President’s bracket – a recent tradition that registered the most views of any blog on during 2013 – into tangible enrollments by updating the results of the ACA bracket based on the “winning” votes from online users.

From there, the White House will pitch basketball fans on all fronts – television, radio, digital, online, and social media – throughout the coming week.

Lebron James has a commercial. Magic Johnson and Alonzo Mourning will also be pimping Ocare. Will we see them signing up? Time has the official White House press release, and shows just how insane this whole push will be. Want to watch the NCAA’s in peace? Good luck with that. You’ll be spammed constantly.

This has a big chance of backfiring. The “Affordable’ Care Act is already more unpopular than popular. People see the negatives. They see losing your doctor, increased premiums and deductibles, people losing their plans, jobs being reduced to under 30 hours, people losing their jobs, companies being cautious in hiring, and all the other negatives. They saw the sheer incompetence in launching and so many of the other websites, and the massive costs of the websites, some of which do not even work, and haven’t signed up a single person (think Oregon). Constantly spamming viewers has the chance of annoying the hell out of those viewers, who just want to watch basketball.

But, then, there’s nothing that Team Obama and liberals won’t try to ruin with their hardcore politics.

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