Democrats To America: You’ll See

WARNING: Vice President Joe Biden’s language used for effect. Do not give me about the swear words. You were warned.

You know how when you do something you really want to do, but you know your spouse/children/boss/friend is going to friggin’ hate your ever-living-guts when you do it, and it seems like a good idea because you want to do it so bad, and then you do it and then they hate you, and the doing it, while transiently satisfying, does not at all reach the happiness you would have had if you’d had just sucked it up and done what your spouse/children/boss/friend wanted you to do, but man, you were so sick of going along with them, because if they just knew what was best (like you do), they’d see it your way, but they don’t see it your way and now they are super pissed because they’re forced to do it your way, but most likely that temporary win is going to be a big lose, because you’re now divorced/disowned/fired/shunned? You know that feeling?

And then, you know how big of an ass you feel because, man, it felt so good, to do what you wanted. I mean, you’ve wanted to do this for years, because you just knew it would be so cool, historic even, and the haters always tried to bring you down. So now, that you’ve done it and yeah, it was great, but everyone hates you and you’re kinda alone in the greatness of it all, which is so fucking unfair, so completely unfair. I mean, why don’t these people just get it? This was good for you and if they knew what was good for them, it’d be good for them too.

And now, they are kicking your ass out? You’re a visionary! How can they be so stupid? But man, they hate you. So completely do they hate you. It’s surprising, really, how totally they hate you. Kinda scary. Deep down, you thought they’d let it slide. You know the eye-roll, or maybe a night on the couch or a a “day off”. Shit. Why do they have to be so dramatic. It’s not THAT big of a deal, well, it’s kinda a big deal, kinda a big fucking deal, but still, not THAT big of a deal.

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They’ll come around. They will. A$$holes. Why can’t they just get it? Why does it have to be their way? Well, not this time, suckahs! It’s my way! How do you like me now? How. Do. You. Like. Me. NOW? Yeah, that’s right. I’m king of the world, man. I did this. I enjoyed it. And I’m not going to let small-minded people like you, who just don’t get the vision, to rain on my parade. You’re all psychotic anyway…and what about those violent tendencies? You don’t have to be so mad. Simmer down. Be civil, at least. Yeah, you’re stuck doing it my way (stifled giggle) but, still it’s the best way.

You’ll see. You’ll see.

Hey! When did you change the locks? That ain’t right.

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