An Enraged Rand Paul Is Denied a Look at GOP Version of ObamaCare

An Enraged Rand Paul Is Denied a Look at GOP Version of ObamaCare

Remember when leftist conspirators cooked up ObamaCare behind closed doors, with Nancy Pelosi telling us that they had to ram through the bill so that we could find out what was in it? It is nice to have Democrats out of power so we don’t have to worry about that happening again. Oh wait…

House Republicans’ new version of the replacement bill is being kept in a “dedicated reading room,” Bloomberg reported, where it will be available to members of the House Energy and Commerce committee ahead of a markup. The move is an effort to prevent leaks.

Senator Rand Paul, one of the precious few voices of fiscal sanity in Washington, is not pleased:

Paul accused House leadership of not wanting to admit to creating a watered down version of ObamaCare, and demanded that they release text of the bill.

Paul later said he’s been told the House Republicans’ draft of the repeal bill is “take it or leave it.”

It is bad enough to refuse to learn from history. We don’t even learn from events too recent to be called history.

Prepare for the ObamaCare notch in the socialism ratchet to be locked in irreversibly, after Republicans make it permanent by “repealing and replacing” it.

Paul being denied a look at the bill. Obama would have called this “transparency.”

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