Good News: Team Obama Rushing New Health Care Regs Before He Leaves Office

Instead of dropping the mike on the way out, Obama plans to burn the place down. One of the things this story exposes is the idiocy of passing massive, bloated legislation which is still not particularly specific, and gives Executive Office agencies entirely too much latitude to create rules and regulations

Obama Health Care Regulators Are In A Last-Minute Frenzy To Do More Damage

Here’s a headline that should scare anyone who has been following ObamaCare: “As time runs out, the Obama administration races to reshape health care.” Hasn’t it done enough damage reshaping health care already?

The story appeared Tuesday on STAT, an online news site produced by Boston Globe Media that focuses on health issues.

It reports that with time running short, administration officials are rushing to put in place “major new initiatives that will take full effect just weeks before the president leaves office.”

Among the efforts: trying to clamp down on drug prices, “revamping how primary care is provided,” and “significant new efforts when it comes to paying for surgeries and preventing disease.”

And just how do they plan to do all this? As the article explains, ObamaCare created a little-known agency called the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation with the mission of testing “innovative payment and service delivery models to reduce program expenditures.” The law pre-funded the center with $10 billion over a decade, and gave it wide latitude to mandate changes in how Medicare and Medicaid pay providers.

Mentioned in the article is how the center instituted a policy to control costs on hip and knee replacements, with penalties to hospitals if the total cost, including therapy, exceeds a certain threshold, and bonuses for bills below a cap. Can anyone see the problem here? That hospitals might scrimp? I know someone who just got a knee replacement last week. But, due to complications, they had to stay in the hospital an extra day. More medicines were required. Therapy will take longer. Might hospitals try and kick people out too early? The article notes that “An analysis by Avalere Health, for example, found that 60% of hospitals will face penalties this year.” Think they won’t work hard to avoid those penalties? Who pays the penalty?

Ocare is all about controlling the up-front costs, not about quality care. You, the consumer, are the one that suffers.

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