Hacker: Security Wasn’t Built Into Healthcare.gov (Video)

Hacker: Security Wasn’t Built Into Healthcare.gov (Video)



A website devoted to collecting some of the most sensitive information on Americans, and they didn’t even build security into it:

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“When you develop a website, you develop it with security in mind. And it doesn’t appear to have happened this time,” said David Kennedy, a so-called “white hat” hacker who tests online security by breaching websites. He testified on Capitol Hill about the flaws of HealthCare.gov last week.

“It’s really hard to go back and fix the security around it because security wasn’t built into it,” said Kennedy, chief executive of TrustedSec. “We’re talking multiple months to over a year to at least address some of the critical-to-high exposures on the website itself.”

Worse, yet, Kennedy points out that since it’s a government website, they aren’t required to tell you if there’s a security breach.

In other words, one could have already happened.

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