Health Care Reconciliation–AKA Jam The Legislation Through–While Using Republicans As Props

President Obama has a long history of saying one thing and sounding so reasonable and conciliatory while doing it while taking actions that completely contradict his words.

Enter health care reform.

The President wants to have a photo op with Republicans and an opportunity to lecture then about what bad people they are (you know, the kind of bad people that represent their constituents who HATE this legislation) while simultaneously using a Senate procedure reserved for budget bills to pass the loathsome legislation.

Thankfully, John Boehner is calling the President’s disingenuous actions out.

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CATO, the libertarian Think Tank says:

If anything, those price controls make the president’s new plan even more bureaucratic and government-heavy. The Senate bill would take an ill-advised stab at cost-control by imposing a tax on the highest-cost health plans. That president proposes to pare back that excise tax and instead have a panel of federal bureaucrats cap the growth in health insurance premiums for all health plans. Those new government powers could make it even harder for people to obtain the coverage and care that they need.

Well, the Health Care stuff still stinks. The GOP has a great response. Read and sign the petition here. Some of the ideas:

We ask that President Obama and Congressional Democrats join with Republican leaders to start over on health insurance reform.

We ask that they help craft sensible reforms designed to lower costs and expand access without violating individual rights or the integrity of the market.

We ask that they enact medical liability reform and put an end to frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of medicine.

We ask that they allow individuals and small businesses to pool together to purchase high-quality affordable health care coverage.

We ask that they allow Americans to shop for health care coverage from coast to coast and purchase insurance policies across state lines.

We ask that they create new incentives to save for current and future health care needs by allowing people to use their health savings accounts funds to pay premiums for high deductible health plans.

We ask that they guarantee individuals with pre-existing conditions or past illnesses access to affordable coverage through the expansion of state-based, high-risk pools, and reinsurance programs.

We reject any attempt by the federal government to force any American to purchase an unwanted insurance plan.

We reject any attempt to implement a government-run insurance program.

We reject individual mandates, rationing, and special deals for any state.

We reject a separate set of rules for government and private sector health insurance purchases.

We oppose any plan that betrays our senior citizens by cutting Medicare coverage, or that allocates taxpayer funds to pay for abortion.

We reject any proposal that authorizes a government takeover of any portion of our health care system.

We ask that Congress and the President above all pledge to ensure the constitutionality of any health insurance reform legislation considered by the federal government.

We implore the President and his allies to listen to the will of the American people and start over on health insurance reform.

Again, go check it out and sign on to the petition. President Obama seems inclined to ram through his ideas, even though they directly contradict the will of the people.

Are the Democrats willing to follow him over the cliff? Seems so.

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