McCain Surrenders on Behalf of Opposition to ObamaCare

Alleged Republican John McCain responded to Ted Cruz’s heroic but failed attempt to stop ObamaCare by speaking apparently at the behest of Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid. Tune in at around 4:20 in the video below and hear this:

“I’d remind my colleagues that in the 2012 election, ObamaCare … was a subject that was a major issue in the campaign. … Well, the People spoke… and they reelected the president of the United States. Now that doesn’t mean we give up our efforts to try to replace and repair ObamaCare. But it does mean that elections have consequences, and those elections were clear … a majority of the American people supported the president of the United States… I think all of us should respect the outcome of elections, which reflects the will of the People.”

His fellow Obamunist sycophant Chris Matthews couldn’t have put it much more obsequiously, despite McCain’s tepid complaints that he didn’t like the election results.

So much for the claim that the GOP establishment will get rid of ObamaCare if only troublemakers like Cruz get out of its way.

Meanwhile, back in reality, only 30% of likely US voters expect the healthcare system to improve under ObamaCare, even after years of propaganda excreted by the liberal media on its behalf.

Anyone paying attention understands by now that Obama is systematically destroying traditional America in order to impose socialism. Our awareness of what Obama is to some extent limits the damage he can do. That is why socialists have coopted their opposition by corrupting the Republican Party with the likes of McCain.

If we are going to limit the damage he can inflict by surrendering on our behalf, it is crucial to be aware that McCain is as hostile as Obama is to conservatives and to the fundamental tenets that define America. He is Obama’s ally (see here, here, and here), working in concert with him for common objectives. His treachery makes him a different class of enemy only in that he is more dangerous — and more detestable.

Hat tip: Canada Free Press. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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