Obama Blames His Sycophantic Media for the Failure of ObamaCare

Obama Blames His Sycophantic Media for the Failure of ObamaCare

You could almost feel sorry for the liberal Myrmidons of the mainstream media. Even people they loyally support blame them in the end, when they run out of other scapegoats:

President Obama told activists they need to fight through a wave of negative press stories about Obamacare this year to ensure enrollment numbers go up, and said plans are still affordable despite stories saying premiums will rise sharply in 2017.

“We’re not going to get that much help from the media,” Obama told the more than 25,000 volunteers who joined a White House call with Obama Thursday afternoon.

If not, it will be a first for Obama, whose presidency was essentially an establishment media production from the beginning.

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What is Saddam Hussein’s old Information Minister Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf a.k.a. Baghdad Bob up to these days? Maybe Obama could recruit him to tell the true story of what is really going on with ObamaCare while the media tells its lies about premiums skyrocketing at an average rise of 25% next year.

baghad bob
Baghdad Bob could explain how ObamaCare is doing fine.

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