Obama Administration Goes Out of Its Way to Enroll Mexican Nationals in ObamaCare

Readers will recall when Obama proclaimed that illegal aliens would not be sucking still more of our blood by getting free healthcare through ObamaCare, and Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) could not restrain himself from shouting, “You lie!” The establishment media really ripped him a new one: not Obama for lying, but Wilson for pointing it out. By now Wilson’s remark has been totally validated. Not only will illegal aliens be getting healthcare at the expense of law-abiding American citizens through ObamaCare — the Obama Regime is deliberately recruiting them:

The Obama administration has been helping to facilitate a series of events nationwide at Mexican Consulate offices to enroll people in Obamacare — and a key activist says the efforts are “our responsibility” regardless of citizenship.

“Whether they’re Mexican nationals or whether they’re United States citizens or whether they’re in transition– and if they’re there it is our responsibility within all of America to educate on the Affordable Care Act,” Enroll America Field Organizer Jose Medrano told Breitbart News on Wednesday.

Health Care insurance navigator groups hosted an Obamacare enrollment fair on Tuesday in the Mexican Consulate’s Brownsville office, The Rio Grande Guardian reported last Friday, where Mexican nationals among others were counseled about enrolling in the ACA.

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But, but, we were told…

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), undocumented immigrants aren’t supposed to be receiving government-run health benefits or subsidized coverage. However, President Barack Obama told Latinos in early March that the Healthcare.gov website would not be used to find out about an individual’s immigration status.

“None of the information that is provided in order for you to obtain health insurance is in any way transferred to immigration services,” he said.

Wink wink.

ObamaCare is about power: not only the power to dictate what health insurance will cover even over people’s religious objections, but the power socialists acquire by redistributing wealth from those who create it to those who vote Democrat.

This initiative is not limited to border towns like Brownsville.

Get Covered Illinois announced in late February that the Erie Family Health Center hoped to increase its enrollment numbers at the Mexican Consulate in Chicago, The Sun Times reported.

According to Vegas Seven, in Nevada, the Latino community is being targeted for ACA enrollment at the Mexican Consulate in downtown Las Vegas.

Stephen Miller, a spokesman for Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), lists three of the reasons no responsible government would be engaging in this activity:

“One, the possibility that illegal immigrants could fraudulently access federal subsidies; two, that such promotions provide a financial inducement to unlawfully enter the U.S. (or overstay a visa) by offering households headed by illegal immigrants federal subsidies through their legal relatives or dependents; and three, that these activities widen an existing flaw in our legal admissions process by continuing to subvert the principle that those seeking to lawfully enter the US should be financially self-sufficient.”

This strategy for advancing America’s “fundamental transformation” has been implemented not only through ObamaCare:

Mexican Consulates have been used previously to advance USDA assistance programs like food stamps to Mexican nationals, The Daily Caller reported in July of 2012.

The cynicism of the Obama Regime overshadows even its arrogance. Our rulers are openly enticing illegal immigrants to deepen their dependency on federal handouts in flagrant violation of their own laws, so as to displace the American population with people more conducive to socialist rule.

America has never had worse enemies than those currently running its government. A nation can survive being occupied by a foreign army. But we will not survive liberal rule if it lasts long enough to permanently alter the country’s demographics.

On a tip from Bill T and Ben S. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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