Obamacare causes rate hikes all across the country

All across the country, American bank accounts are being mugged by Obamacare.


Andy Mangione, who lives in Louisville, Ky. with his wife Amy and their two boys, is doing the same thing millions of people are doing –trying to figure out how much his insurance will cost under ObamaCare.

Before the exchanges opened, his insurance company said his rates would soar. But now that there are subsidies, he’s been trying for days to find out how much he would get.

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“To logically compare plans, I’ve been calling them every day since October 1st,” says Mangione, “several times a day on some occasions. Sometimes enduring 45, 50 minute holds, half an hour holds.”

….The problem is the plan closest to what he has now will mean a 24 percent increase over his current payment– after subsidies.

And his co-pay for emergency room visits almost tripled — from $125 to $350 — an important factor for a family with two young boys.

…Rep. John Duncan, R-Tenn., read from one constituent who said “I remember our president saying the new health care bill will reduce costs. I have my health care renewal forms, and the premium has increased about 15 percent, a $700 deductible is added, and my co-payment has increased.”

Rep.Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., also read letters from some of his constituents.

“Mike from Hickory saw his premiums rise from $388 to $650. Phil from Forest City saw an increase, even though his policy didn’t change, saw an increase of 42 percent.”

Some Fox viewers in Alabama also wrote in. Although they asked their names not be used, one couple about 60 years old sent detailed information about their rate increases, which will add 82 percent to their annual health care costs. At the same time, their deductibles increased by a third.

In other words, most Americans are being forced to pay more for plans they didn’t want in the first place in order to get a reduced quality of care and more involvement of the IRS in their lives. It may be terrible for the economy, health care, and American’s wallets, but it makes Obama feel like he’s accomplished something; so to the Democrats, it’s worth it.

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