OBAMACARE fails Illinois Residents AGAIN

OBAMACARE fails Illinois Residents AGAIN

Illinois is about to get a rude and deadly wake-up call concerning Obamacare. Four research hospitals will be excluded in the marketplace next year. That along with massive premium hikes is going to slam Americans in that state and many others. The kicker here is that many of the patients here suffer from life-threatening conditions such as cancer. Many of those are children. If parents and patients do not get an exception to go to at least Northwestern Memorial Hospital, they will either not get treated at all or will have to foot the entire bill themselves. Costs have skyrocketed in medical facilities even more under Obamacare. These families cannot afford this… not even close.

You do realize that this is a death sentence for cancer patients and others with life threatening ailments, right? Think for a moment if your child had cancer and you were in Illinois going to one of these hospitals. You would either have to bankrupt yourself and lose everything, or watch your child die a slow, agonizing death. Even a delay in treatment will be fatal for most of these people and I’m convinced that Obama knew this would be the case when this monstrous program was conceived.


From the Washington Examiner:

Illinois residents with Obamacare plans next year won’t have affordable access to some of the state’s top hospitals.

Four research hospitals in Chicago will be excluded from the network of providers covered by the insurers selling on the Illinois marketplace in 2017, adding to a list of problems for Obamacare customers in the state as premiums spike and plans shrink their networks.

Patients who regularly visit the four hospitals, which include Lurie Children’s Hospital, University of Chicago Medical Center, Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital, typically have serious health conditions, such as cancer, and rely on teams of specialists they can’t find elsewhere.

There is a workaround for patients of Northwestern, who could get a referral from one of the hospital’s primary care physicians in the western suburbs.

But other than that exception, those with marketplace plans will have to pay out of pocket or get prior authorization from their insurer if they want to keep receiving care.

Lurie Children’s will also not be included in the marketplace plan. They are a prominent pediatric hospital that saves the lives of many children. This is just horrific. Not only will the hospitals be at risk themselves now of going out of business, very few people will be able to afford life-saving treatment. Dead children do not play well in the media… I guess Obama was on a golf course when that memo came out.

“Without a prior authorization, your child’s care at Lurie Children’s would be out-of-network,” the hospital wrote this week. “This means that it is very likely you will be responsible for most or all of the costs.” The other three hospitals are top notch and connected to highly regarded universities. U.S. News and World Report has ranked Northwestern number one, Rush number two and the University of Chicago number three. But because of Obamacare, they will be out of reach to those that need their services the most. Welcome to Obama’s ‘change’.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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