OBAMAFAIL! CNN STILL Can’t Get Obamacare Website To Work Right

When Obamacare went live, both CNN and MSNBC tried to log on to the website in an effort to show everyone how easy it is to sign up. Both networks failed. Well, guess what?

It STILL doesn’t work.

Maybe that’s why large insurers only have “hundreds” signing up so far.

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About 30 million uninsured people live in the states the federal marketplace will serve, including Texas and Florida.

So far, Web-traffic problems are allowing only a small trickle of buyers, said John Gorman, chief executive of Gorman Health Group, an insurance-industry consulting firm with clients selling policies on the exchanges.

Large insurers have seen enrollment figures totaling in the hundreds each, said Sumit Nijhawan, chief executive of Infogix Inc., a data-integrity firm that works with such insurers as WellPoint Inc., Aetna Inc. and Cigna Corp.

So far, many tens of thousands of people had started the application process but the number of those who were able to create accounts and shop for coverage is likely in the low thousands, according to people with knowledge of the situation and estimates by insurance-industry advisers.

The administration has declined to say the total number of enrollees.

If it’s this bad right off the bat, how well is it going to work when nature inevitably takes its course and government hoses everything up?

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