From “Repeal” to “Repeal and Replace” to “Repair”

From “Repeal” to “Repeal and Replace” to “Repair”

Big Government reached its current massive proportions due to the ratchet effect. Every movement toward a larger, more powerful, and more intrusive government is permanent, because the ratchet only turns one way. That’s why Democrats were willing to commit political hara-kiri to ram ObamaCare through. They knew that once it was law, people would become dependent on it, and it would therefore be unrepealable, just like all entitlement programs. Already Republicans are as good as admitting that despite having the power to do so, they have no intention of undoing the mischief:

Some Republicans in Congress are starting to talk more about trying to “repair” Obamacare, rather than simply calling for “repeal and replace.” …

The repair language was discussed by Republicans during their closed-door policy retreat in Philadelphia last week as a better way to brand their strategy. Some of that discussion flowed from views that Republicans may not be headed toward a total replacement, said one conservative House lawmaker who didn’t want to be identified.

ObamaCare will end on the same day as Social Security and Medicare; that is, on the day that ever more unaffordable unfunded entitlements cause the entire system to collapse.

Socialized Medicine
Where this is still headed.

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