‘Saturday Night Live’ Viciously Mocks Obamacare!

‘Saturday Night Live’ Viciously Mocks Obamacare!

“Saturday Night Live”: opened this week’s show with a: spoof: that probably made most liberals lose it.


President Obama, played by actor: Jay: Pharoah, stuck out his chest at a: faux: town hall event and called up “regular Americans” to tout his genius: healthcare: plan. Each had an unexpected slam on: Obamacare: that some would say fell under the category of “that would be really funny if it were not so close to the truth!”

One of the final: Obamacare: testimonials came from “Breaking Bad”: character Jesse: Pinkman, played by: actor Aaron Paul. The appearance was set up in anticipation of Sunday night’s final episode of the popular show about a chemistry teacher with cancer who cooks meth: to pay his medical bills.

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Watch today’s biggest political hot button issue play out on: SNL:

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