Pro-Violence Liberals Encourage The Occupy Movement To Break The Law

Pro-Violence Liberals Encourage The Occupy Movement To Break The Law

The sad truth is that the average liberal is perfectly okay with other liberals engaging in the worst sort of rhetoric, vandalism, violence, and lawbreaking. Right or wrong doesn’t enter into it, only whether they believe it’s useful to the liberal movement or not. This is how a piece of human garbage like Dan Savage can be invited to talk to school kids or Bill Ayers can be allowed to teach at a college. It’s also why liberals supported evil groups like the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers in the sixties and why they’re okay with the Occupy Movement today. The Occupy Movement isn’t so much a political movement at this point as a criminal gang that should be treated like the Crips or the Bloods by local police and the FBI.

If you want see that mentality on display, read this piece by Aaron Colter who notes that his clients have included the, “NCAA, Willamette Week, AOL, Dark Horse Comics.”

As unpopular as black bloc tactics are with the general public following vandalism across the country during May Day, the Occupy movement still needs support from more radical members if it’s to continue to be effective.

First, understand that black bloc isn’t just a handful of young punks dressing in all black to smash windows. Unfortunately, all black bloc members and anarchists have been categorized as people who engage in ill-targeted property destruction. In fact, however, one core idea of black bloc is to act as a wall of protection against potential police brutality at non-permitted marches – a human circle of sacrificial activists who are willing to push the line forward and become the first to defend protestors from riot cops.

…Considering the aggressive, indiscriminate, and, at the very least, excessive use of force by police departments against protestors in nearly every major city in America during non-permitted marches, at least some black bloc tactics seem necessary in order to engage in any form of mass public protest today (Hawkins’ note: Really? Because the Tea Party sure doesn’t need a black bloc to protest).

…Furthermore, the misguided actions of the youth today are not necessarily the foundations for a violent and unproductive future. Consider, for example, Bill Ayers.

…Those who have become disenfranchised may not see any hope or value in appealing to government representatives inside the legislative process. Still, there are types of vanguardism that could satisfy the primal urges of frustrated individuals unquenched by standard marches, and even some tactics that can be employed by individuals too indifferent to work on projects both within and outside the established system to cause incremental change.

…Guidelines for defending against agents of the state, engaging in property destruction, and other radical actions are necessary to encourage the following:

…2. That targets selected be those that are the worst violators of community sustainability, those that are activity contributing to the demise of workers’ rights, organizations profiting off the erosion of personal liberty, and global corporations continuing to economically exploit underprivileged people.

…Breaking the windows of random cars owned by ordinary citizens during a mass gathering is not a tactic that falls within any of the guidelines above. A well-positioned display of graffiti art on a billboard, corporate bank, or police station that is deployed during the night, however, could be a worth-while action depending on the values of the community and possible support the movement could gain from such a tactic.

When an ordinary citizen or a police officer goes toe-to-toe with someone in the Occupy Movement, by default you should assume the Occupier deserves whatever happened to him unless there’s strong evidence to the contrary. That’s because the Occupy Movement begins with the mentality that the occupiers are going to try to create conflicts with the police or even just ordinary citizens to get attention and they’re perfectly okay with breaking the law and even violence if they believe it helps them achieve their ends. If you want set yourself outside of society’s rules, wink at vandalism, smirk at rapes, and encourage terrorists in your ranks, you’ve lost your right to sympathy when you find the trouble you’ve been looking for. These are bad people with bad motives doing bad things and if liberals want to keep embracing a movement that probably even compares unfavorably to the American Nazi Party and KKK at this point, then that just tells you that everything conservatives have been saying all along about the character of the modern Left is true.

Hat tip to Rachel Alexander for the pic and story.

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