Return of the Occumom: Occupy Wall Street Loser Loses Again

Occumom Stacey Hessler, who destroyed her family and her own life for the sake of moonbattery, has proven herself once again to be a loser:

The Florida mom who ditched her family to join the raggedy Occupy Wall Street crowd turned out to be an even bigger loser on Thursday when a jury rejected her claims that cops violently arrested her during a 2011 protest, after deliberating for just 40 minutes.

Stacey Hessler, 42, sued the city in 2013, claiming the NYPD cops dragged her around by her dreadlocks.

But city attorneys said Hessler blocked pedestrian traffic and refused to move when cops politely asked her to make way, then tried to escape when they finally moved to arrest her.

The Manhattan federal-court jury quickly returned a verdict siding with the city.

For once, a breath of sanity from a court.

Hessler gained infamy over ditching her husband and four kids in Florida to camp out in Zuccotti Park under a tarp with a younger Brooklyn waiter.

Failing to get something for nothing must fill her with a new fire to impose leftist ideology. At this point, it’s all she has left.

Don’t let moonbattery destroy the life of someone you love. If you see them start to treat liberal rhetoric as if it actually had some sort of validity, get them help immediately before the condition progresses. You don’t want them to end up like the Occumom.

Imagine a kid having to say, “That’s my mom.”

On a tip from R F. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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