Marine Ordered to Remove His US Flag… OR ELSE!

Marine Ordered to Remove His US Flag… OR ELSE!

24-year-old Gregory Schaffer — a U.S. Marine — was recently ordered by officials to remove the American flag outside of his Florida home.

Shortly after returning from Iraq, the Marine was told that the flag was violating the town’s permitting code. A neighbor had filed a complaint with the town.

Schaffer said, “It’s sad. It’s sad that we have to go through that just to fly a flag.”

He continued, “It’s disgusting that anybody should have to go through that. I fought for the flag, now I’m paying for the flag.”

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American News reported:

The town’s building department told reporters that the flagpole is actually considered a structure, and must be removed since Schaffer did not obtain a permit for it.

Schaffer claims that the story we’re not being told is that the permit would cost him up to $1,000.

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