Washington Post: Suddenly, Dissent Is Patriotic Again!

I’ve mostly stayed out of the Colin Kaepernick issue, only discussing it briefly on Twitter and in some comments. He’s another pampered athlete, who, in my opinion, was really just having a hissy fit over his low standing as a QB for the 49ers, knowing he was going to be the 2nd or 3rd stringer, and the 49ers had been unable to trade him, so he was going to be a bench warmer this season. So he sulkily sat during the National Anthem, go caught, and made up this story, which, if you’re not familiar, the article/opinion piece goes into it. But, there’s something more relevant going on

Colin Kaepernick reminds us that dissent is a form of patriotism too

When Colin Kaepernick kneels, you know where everybody else stands. Kaepernick’s refusal to brace at attention for the national anthem has provoked a variety of sharply defined responses, from Megan Rapinoe’s sympathetic bended knee to Bill Lynch’s accusations of hijacking. But curiously, Kaepernick himself remains vague. In fact, when you think about it, those who have replied to Kaepernick have said more interesting things than the man himself.

With the NFL opening its season this week, Kaepernick again will kneel, and no doubt others will, too.

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Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos knelt last night. Another pampered, highly paid black athlete making a “statement.” Megan Rapinoe, who very white, had a hissy fit when she was thwarted from kneeling again, showing this was more about her own optics.

Anyhow, the WP’s Sally Jenkins is not too impressed with Kaepernick’s protest, as it is rather vague and stuff. You’re welcome to read that all, let’s jump to

The main thing Kaepernick has accomplished is to inflame an engrossing debate and serve as a reminder that dissent is a form of patriotism, too. If that was his goal, then he’s succeeded wonderfully. You may have learned more in the past week about Francis Scott Key’s slaveholding and the battle at Fort McHenry than you would have otherwise. And you may have started thinking harder about the meaning and use of anthems. Anthems are supposed to express something of our national character and values, but they also sound uncomfortably percussive and aggressive in the hands of mobs and dictators. Isn’t coerced loyalty a contradiction in terms?

Huh. How about that? Dissent is patriotic. Which is interesting, because we’ve been told time and again that dissent against Obama and his agenda is unpatriotic, and even racist. This started all the way back in 2009. And there are plenty more examples.

And you can bet that, as Obama’s time runs out, that any protests against Hillary, if she wins, will be considered unpatriotic and sexist, and the media will conveniently forget her screeching speech on patriotism and dissent.

Anyway, it is interesting that Kaepernick is essentially protesting racism during the era of Obama, when blacks have a high unemployment rate, their earnings are less per capita than other races, when they are killing each other off in Democratic cities willy nilly, and race relations are the worst they’ve been in over 50 years. He’s essentially all over the map with his protests, even going after Hillary. Regardless, he has a right to protest. And people have a right to call him out on it. That said, people just want to watch football. They want a bit of an escape, not a social justice warrior bit of fluff. He isn’t Jackie Robinson, who went out on the field and just played.

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